By Alhagie Jobe


The Chairman of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has in a surprised move before incumbent President Yahya Jammeh, raised the general concerns by Gambians and the international community about election rigging in The Gambia saying many believe that there will not be free and fair elections in December.


In an eye-to-eye contact with Yahya Jammeh during the submission of his nomination papers, Alieu Momar Njai also talked about the registration of foreigners which he said even though is baseless but is a rumor circulating which can taint dark and puts the credibility of the polls in question.


He implored on the ruling party and opposition to ensure that there is a level playing ground to ensure that the elections are peaceful, free and fair.


The IEC chief assured that they [IEC] will make sure that nobody complains about election rigging, adding that they will show to the whole world that IEC is independent and fair. He also rubbished the claim that IEC are registering foreigners.


Chairman Njai commended Jammeh for all the facilities, transportation and funding that the country’s electoral body is receiving.


In reply, incumbent President Yahya Jammeh who is standing for the APRC Party told the IEC chief to do what is right and fear no one.


He told the IEC chairman that the only way to shut the mouths of the people talking and complaining is to let them come over and observe every stage of the elections – starting from day one up to the counting and for them to see how the counting system is conducted.


““Invite them (International Community) to come and observe the elections. You cannot listen to everyone and satisfy everyone. Do what is right and fear no one” Jammeh told IEC chief.


According to Jammeh, the IEC should know that whatever he [Jammeh] does, even if he dances in the waters, the opponents will say he is raising dust. He urged the electoral body not to waste their time and simply invite those claiming that Gambian elections are not free and fair, to come and observe the process.


Regarding the issue of foreigners been registered, Jammeh said if foreigners are being registered with the IEC, why didn’t the people or his opponents go to the IEC Registrar to ask why they registering those foreigners.


“If someone has a national passport or Identity card, how can you say that person is not a Gambian? Look, just ignore them and do what is right and fear nobody because everyone’s destiny is with the Almighty Allah” Jammeh told IEC boss.


He then made it clear that he will win the coming elections because he is the choice of the people. “They already know who is going to win and no matter what, I am going to win. Again, this is the second election that nobody is financing except the government entirely and 100 percent” he said.