Monday, June 17, 2024

‘I got more songs than I ever dashed you’: Uche tells Jizzle in new beef

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

After Jizzle’s early morning post on X on February 11 calling himself Uche’s “father” and describing him as an “ungrateful youth”, the ‘civilized Bandit’ hitmaker responded with a revelation, pointing out that he has more songs than he ever “dashed out” to Jizzle.

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Immediately after a bustling crowd attended his Me vs Me album concert, the Bakau-born musician with on his X handle and called Uchee out.

“Uchee Uche your father did it again. I give you five years! Ungrateful youth,” Jizzle posted on X (formerly Twitter), a post he would later delete from his X handle.

In response, Uche said that he has more songs than he ever dashed out to the Me vs Me album maker.

“You’d be surprised I got more songs than I ever dashed out to you in your career plus ones you have combined,” he revealed on X.

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The music producer-cum-singer added that nothing good comes out of Jizzle’s position.

Jizzle’s early morning post about Uche left many tongues wagging. His album concert at QCity was regarded by many as a success. For Uchee, Jizzle’s early morning post about him confirms something.

“This is how I know that I am (the king). After your so-called success, the first thing you thought of was me. And you ain’t got anything to teach me, instead, you learn from me,” Uchee claimed.

Recently, Uchee and Jizzle have had bad blood between them. While some dislike the war of words between the two artists, numerous people are also of the view that such is okay in the music industry.

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Jizzle has since deleted the post on his X, unlike Uche, who maintained his remarks.

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