Sunday, June 23, 2024

‘I am the King’: Kombonka Wears Gam Rap Music Crown

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

Popular rap and hip-hop artist, Kombonka, has claimed that he is the King of the GamMusic rap industry, noting that he hasn’t seen any Gambian artist who raps better than him.

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The Silankang album hitmaker told The Fatu Network that he does not see any rapper better than him and regards himself as the king of rap music in the Gambia.

“[When it comes to] rapping, I am the king. I have not seen anyone in the Gambia who raps better than I do. I won’t say there will not be any person in the country who does it better than me, but I have not seen it. In my area, nobody does it better than me”, the award-winning rapper emphatically claimed.

Christened Ebrima Touray, Kombonka began venturing into the music scene in the country in 2013 before embarking on a perilous backway journey in 2016 where he faced loads of hardships and eventually returned the following year.

He acknowledged the originality of his art, noting that he does not imitate any other artist. However, he claimed that other rappers copy his style.

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“I am original. I cannot be compared to other artists. My rapping style is unique. I don’t copy anybody, even though other rappers are copying me”.

Kombonka has recently released his second album titled Silankang, which comprises epic songs that catch the attention of my music zealots in the country due to the didactic nature of the songs.

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