Monday, July 22, 2024

‘I am the change you need’: PPP’s Jainaba Bah says BAC needs a chairwoman for progress

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

The National President of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Jainaba Bah, has announced herself as the party’s candidate for the forthcoming Brikama Area Council Chairperson election, becoming the only known female candidate so far.

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In what is poised to be a tight and difficult contest for the top position in the Brikama Area Council, Jainaba Bah announced herself as the change that is needed to bring unity to the West Coast Region.

“I am the change you need. I am the voice you deserve for unity, progress and development,” she disclosed.

Madam Bah outlined that for so long, West Coast Region has been lagging. She said it is time for the people of the region to elect a woman to lead the council for positive development.

“For far too long the plight of the people of the West Coast Region has been that of suffering, want and lack of progress. This is truer for women. It is time for West Coast to end this cycle by electing a chairwoman who will usher in a new era, a positive change for the development,” said PPP’s national president as she made public her aspiration to run for the top office in the region.

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She confirmed that she will be contesting on the ticket of the opposition and former ruling party, the People’s Progressive Party, which has ended its political marriage with the ruling National People’s Party (NPP).

The 35-year-old woman is set to battle against United Democratic Party’s Yankuba Darboe, independent aspirants, Ibrahim JS Sanneh and Modou Manga.

Ahmad Gitteh, who repeatedly emphasized that he would contest the biggest local government election post in the region as long as he is healthy, will have to decide whether to go as an independent candidate or on the NPP’s ticket since the party is yet to approve a candidate despite nine people applying for the post.

The Brikama Area Council is one of the most resourceful local government councils in the country. However, over the years, the Council has been hit with political turmoil amidst the cross carpeting of the current chairman, Sheriffo Sonko from UDP to NPP.

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