Monday, July 22, 2024

GAP Calls on Government to Exercise Ethos of Independence 

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“As the country is gearing towards celebrating fifty-eight years of nationhood, the ethos of self-reliant and independent informed people has been bundled away due to the disrespectful attitude of the so-called government that is well-known for strengthening the begging bowl syndrome and lost confidence in people’s voice and power.

As this connotes, we are calling on the government to practice good governance in providing effective service delivery and improve public institutions that fit for purpose. Our independence is meaningless when our government fails to provide basic needs to the citizens; when our hospitals remain death traps, and our daily activities remain under pressure. Our independence is useless when society feels less important, and the schools remain underperformed.

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We urge the government to take this opportunity as we mark independence to ensure the word independence comes with vigorous transformation of our nation without serving as second fiddle to other countries for their selfish desire.”

MUSA Ousainou Yali Batchilly
Secretary General and Party Leader of Gambia Action Party.

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