Gambia’s Solicitor General has said human resource constraints and fully capacitized  Gambian bench and State law office are key reasons for backlog of cases, hoping that people will also opt for Alternative Dispute Resolution as opposed to protracted litigation.

Marenah was speaking during the state TV’s FACE THE NATION programme at Ebunjang Theatre on Tuesday.

The interactive live program organized by the state broadcaster GRTS, was a forum to discuss pertinent issues relating to the strategic approach, projects and development of the Ministry.


It was also an opportunity for the audience to ask pertinent questions & seek clarifications on matters of public importance.

On the agenda was Constitutional Reforms, the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, corruption within the justice system, backlog of cases among others.

For his part, Justice Minister Tambadou said the Criminal Detention Panel has done a good job of reviewing criminal cases of a political nature.

“This has resulted in almost 78 cases that we do not believe should have been initiated in  first place being discontinued.