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GFF President Praises Journalist Kifa for Sports Development Achievements

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By: Dawda Baldeh

On October 25th, Lamin Kaba Bajo, President of the Gambia Football Federation (GFF), extended an invitation to Mamour Mbenga, also known as Kifa Barhama, praising him for his recent accomplishments in the Sports Governance and Leadership course at the National Sports College in Ghana.

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The meeting between both stakeholders delved into discussions on partnership development programs aimed at fortifying Gambian football.

Expressing admiration for Mr. Mbenga, Mr. Bajo encouraged the young sports administrator to persist in his dedication to development activities.

Within the meeting, Mr. Bajo congratulated Mbenga on his appointment as the Official Brand Ambassador of the Drug Law Enforcement Agency.

Consequently, Mr. Bajo urged and motivated the sports enthusiast to actively contribute to football development, sharing his knowledge and expertise.

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The Federation’s President underscored the significance of sports education and the promotion of young leaders to bolster the development of others in the sports field.

He emphasized that young individuals can make substantial contributions to the development of others by applying their knowledge and skills in sports.

Mr. Bajo pledged his support to Mr. Mbenga and other partnership development endeavors.

Expressing concern about illicit drug abuse in sports, particularly in football, the GFF President displayed an interest in the implementation of an Anti-Doping Policy.

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To address the issue, Mr. Bajo called upon all stakeholders responsible for illicit drugs and crimes to unite and collaborate.

In discussions with Mr. Mbenga, the possibility of collaboration to raise awareness among athletes about the dangers of illicit drugs and their impact on their careers was explored.

As the Brand Ambassador for Dleag, Mr. Mbenga expressed gratitude for the timely gesture by the Federation and affirmed his commitment to participating in development programs fostering positive changes in the football industry.

Mr. Mbenga emphasized the well-being of athletes, expressing concerns about the use of illicit drugs and other substances.

He promised to engage with partners and relevant stakeholders to implement initiatives aimed at preventing the misuse of such substances for the benefit of society.

In the previous year, Mr. Mbenga completed a six-month Advanced Certificate Program in Football Business Management and HR at Valley View University in Dodowa, Ghana.

Currently, he is dedicated to developing and managing young athletes in various clubs and communities, serving as the CEO of Dolphin Stars F.C., a grassroots football club in the Gambia.

Using sports as a tool for addressing social issues such as drugs, crimes, and migration, Mr. Mbenga believes that engaging young people in development activities can minimize their involvement in such crimes and reduce the risk of negative consequences.

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