Gambia for All has asked President Adama Barrow to get up and assume his leadership role in the fight against coronavirus.

“Any Gambian watching the unfolding national drama, and the looming catastrophe resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, cannot fail to be amazed by the confusion and the leadership deficit that has accompanied the COVID-19 drama. In this time of national crisis of tragic proportion, we are witnessing total absence of the leadership,” the BB Darbo-led party said in a a statement.

The party added: “We have said it before and are saying it again, Mr. President: Get up and assume your leadership role in the fight against COVID-19. Taking the back seat and expecting a miracle to happen or as a way of shifting blame when things do not go right is neither an answer nor a solution that the Gambian people will accept.

“Everywhere we see anxiety on the faces of Gambians when a relative or a neighbour falls sick; and when he/she dies this anxiety if not fear is almost palpable. The President is no-where to be seen, the Vice President, the Chair of COVID-19 Task Force is in quarantine, who is in charge? GFA is concerned that while many members of the executive, including the President, Vice President and several ministers appear to be unable to discharge their duties, no constitutionally approved temporary arrangements have been made.

“Yet important statements affecting the running of the country are being released by a Spokesperson. It is the President and not the Spokesman that Gambian people hold accountable, more so in these challenging times.”