Monday, February 26, 2024

GDC Admin Secretary 1 Vows to Resign if 600 Supporters Cross-carpet to NPP

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Amid rumors of approximately six hundred (600) supporters from the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC) planning to cross-carpet to the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) on Saturday, Ebrima Nyang, their Admin Secretary, has vowed to resign if the news proves to be true.

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Nyang denied the rumors, declaring them “false,” and urged GDC supporters to distance themselves from such reports.

“I have received a report that over 600 GDC supporters from CRR South, especially from Galeh Manda, are to cross-carpet to the NPP on Saturday, 10th February 2023.

I am profoundly denying this lie and would like to inform everyone that this is not true.

I will resign from GDC if 600 supporters cross-carpet to NPP on Saturday in Galeh Manda,” he promised.

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He also accused the ruling party of engaging in politics of deception to intimidate opposition, saying, “We must end NPP politics of deception.”

Nyang warned the NPP Chairman in CRR to be honest with himself and tell his party the reality on the ground, that they are losing relevance in CRR.

“Saturday is just around the corner, and nothing will happen, as the GDC base is intact,” he asserted.

He informed The Fatu Network that he was briefed by a GDC executive in CRR and Galeh Manda that they are invited to a meeting on Saturday regarding development projects to empower women ‘COMPINS’ (women groups), contrary to what is reported.

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“The NPP should now focus on addressing problems in this country, rather than going around misleading people.

The energy the NPP is investing to mobilize for more support could have been redirected to the development of The Gambia,” he concluded.

Nyang is optimistic that the said claims will never become a reality, as his party has a strong political base in the said region.

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