Welcome to the new way to find products in The Gambia tradeit.gm is one of the biggest classified ad sites in The Gambia and one of the best marketplaces in the country which brings buyers and sellers together. The platform lets users find everything from laptops and smartphones, shoes and clothing, property and jobs, quick cars (used vehicles and imports to the Gambia) and a vast variety of cars for sale.

The platform lets users create ads of their own for free!, search products for sale, and call or message the sellers instantly.


About Us

Tradeit.GM is rapidly becoming the leading online marketplace in the Gambia that enables Gambians to sell their used and new items and get good deals on items. It will only take less than 5 minutes to post your ad on Tradeit.GM. There are 3 easy steps; Signup for a free account on our website – Take a photo of the item – Describe it, Price it and post it for FREE. Making money has never been this easy!
Tradeit.GM provides an online arena for buyers and sellers to meet, interact and conduct business quickly and conveniently. With the number of ads being posted and visits being made by sellers and buyers respectively on a daily basis, Tradeit.GM has become the cornerstone for promoting trade in The Gambia. On Tradeit.GM, as a buyer you can:
  • Shop brand new and fairly used products at the best price in The Gambia
  • Be spoilt for choice by browsing through the widest assortment of products
  • Be rest assured of your safety and security
  • Enjoy bargaining opportunities with sellers
As a seller you can:
  • Enjoy a wide visibility of your products from millions of visitors
  • Rake in maximum profit as Tradeit.GM charges no commissions or signup fees
  • Enjoy low capital investment as you can start selling with just one product
  • Enjoy instant recoup of cash as transaction is strictly between you and the buyer
  • Cultivate a good customer-seller relationship with your customers
Our Philosophy

To simplify and facilitate trade and commerce among individuals and companies in the Gambia. We believe the ingenuity, persevering and enterprising nature of Gambians deserves to be strengthened by modern day platforms and processes and this is what we have been able to provide. Our team of highly qualified and spirited administrative and field agents have been instrumental in helping achieve our leadership status through an unparalleled work ethic and competence in all relevant business processes.

A connected Gambia where commerce is vibrant, fast paced and secure.

To provide buyers and sellers with a safe and effective avenue to meet and exchange goods and services.