It’s a period of anxiety in The Gambia as many civil servants have already been notified of potential layoff thanks to the continuous faltering of the country’s economy which is in a near crumble.

The Fatu Network has been informed by one of its credible sources that the dictatorship through the Personnel Management Office (PMO) has already informed department heads of a government plan to conduct a massive layoff of civil servants.

The most affected people are those in the security including: immigration, police, fire department, customs enforcement agencies etc. Other government departments are also said to be lined up for the massive layoff.

Our trusted source who saw one of the memos said “Fatu Jammeh is really really broke. Do you know what is the latest in Banjul? He has given directives that they should let go alot of people in his government. Force retirement is about to happen. A lot of people will be forced into retirement next month.”


News of a potential massive civil servant layoff did not come as a surprise to many keen observers of trends in the Gambia. Many of Gambia’s development partners have withheld development support to the country because of its appalling human rights record and its refusal to adhere to democratic reforms.

One of the country’s main foreign exchange earner, tourism is also in deep decline in terms of tourist arrivals mainly due to the president’s bad style of governance and his continuous public utterances always threatening minorities and members of the opposition.

Until recently President Jammeh has been widely believed to be financing his government Programmes through proceeds from criminal activities like aiding and abetting drug cartels using Gambia as a transit zone, money laundering and corruption.

But the European Union and the US in particular have since swiftly move in to deny the Gambian dictator from further benefitting from proceeds of some of those criminal activities by closing the loopholes and asserting their presence in the region.

Now it seems the dictator has no choice but to layoff his over bloated civil service most of whom are ignorant school dropouts whose only job is to spy on innocent Gambians.

The Fatu network is keenly following this story and will inform of any updates from Banjul.