Monday, February 26, 2024

Gambia: SONA Jobarteh On New Album

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Rising Gambian-UK based kora sensation is currently busy in the studious ahead of the official release of her much anticipated album.

Reports reaching What’s On revealed that the much talked about album is currently undergoing superb recording in some of the world’s renowned studious. The album set for release this October is drawing on the sounds from the last hit album ‘Fasiya’. However, it is anticipated that the upcoming album will be even more dynamic, featuring the raw acoustic sounds of the instruments that she plays such as the kora, guitar, calabash and bass.

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“The new album is going to be an exciting new project drawing on the sounds from the last album, but being a lot more dynamic in arrangement and contrast.

According to her, she is working with traditional instruments, particularly from here in The Gambia, but giving them a new sound and a new edge, whilst still maintaining their culturally rooted voices.

“Also there will be bringing in a few collaborators, so it’s going to be really exciting, and more boundaries will be broken in the name of maintaining and preserving of our tradition”, Sona Jobarteh noted.

Combining beautiful infectious melodies and rhythms, the forthcoming album is billed not only to satisfy Sona’s ever growing fan-base across the world, but also showcase again the outstanding musical niche she continues to carve in this domain of Manding music.

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The kora player is well aware of the urge for this project, but is also sure to give her very best to her fans, whose love and support has been immense.

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