Gambia’s Interior Minister has said it is the new government’s intention to change the name of the Gambia Police Force to The Gambia Police Service.

He said the word ‘Force’ will be omitted from the name to be replaced by the word ‘service’.

Mai Ahmed Fatty made the revelation on Wednesday, March 1 during his first visit to the Gambia Police Force Headquarters in Banjul.

According to him, the change will help meet international standards adding that the Police is part of the service sectors and its orientation should be geared towards delivering services to the Gambian people.

“The philosophy will change but we will do this along with you. We will carry you along. There will be consultations and we will work together so that we can reform together and you can own this reform because at the end of the day, you are going to be the engine of change. So the change will come from you and the initiative will come from you” he told Police.

Minister Fatty assured that they will give the policy support to bring it into effect. He assured them that the Gambia considers them important and surely, in future, they will see change.

He used the opportunity to call on all officers to acquaint themselves with the Constitution of The Gambia saying it is the document that they work with. “You should also acquaint yourself with the old Police Act. Every time you look at it, you will find something new” he advised.

Review Police Act

Minister Fatty also announced that they will review the Police Act as it is outdated.

“We need to review the Act and not only that but I think we need to come with a new Act that will take into consideration the changes in society, technology and our international responsibilities as a nation” he concluded.