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‘…to sincerely commend you for your decision to desert the government of President Jammeh and to also congratulate you on your successful escape from The Gambia and from Jammeh. This is a major achievement considering that many of our colleagues were not able to do that and thus ended up perishing in the hands of Jammeh.’ – Lamin Gano Lt. Col. (rtd) Former Presidential ADC and Army Spokesman welcoming the removed and run-away Ex-Interior Minister Ousman Sonko.

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I remembered when you first came out to speak about Gambia and her issues, and promised to have had dozens of letters for Jammeh, after you’d cheekily asked him to give mantle of APRC leadership to someone else, and you’d volunteer to serve as his bodyguard. People came at you and accused you of being one of the people murdering, maiming Gambians, as you helped cement Yaya and his govt. You denied ever taking part in anything that hurt a Gambian. Many leapt to your defense and attested to your character and career as a decent, ‘office’ officer who was never close to that barbarity. So because you’ve never been mentioned or known to have been associated with such, people hear you out and continue to engage you. We’ve never seen the said letters yet though.

But then on one of my posts, someone dragged you around on your time as ARMY PRO, when Daba Marena, Lt Ebou Lowe, Lt Alieu Ceesay,  WO2 Alpha Bah, SSgt Malafi Corr were reported to have been transported from maximum security position Mile 2 to a lower security Janjanbureh when their ‘vehicle almost somersaulted’. No mention of escape, none of the armed escorts were held accountable. Until this day, these Gambians aren’t seen. Then revelations of these Gambians allegedly murdered gruesomely and dumped in a well. In that engagement with that gentleman, he pulled up FOROYAA bulletins to show that YOU, Gano, was the Army PRO at the time. When you were asked about this people, you claimed not to have had any idea or denied their death. Thus was in 2006. These, are documented. You sir, may not have had a hand in their murder but I can swear by my dead mother’s grave that you KNEW WHAT HAPPENED. How you did, I don’t know. At the time, Ousman SONKO WAS IGP, I believe. Him and Tumbul Tamba were alleged to have masterminded and supervised their killing. A soldier who witnessed it all, told Gambians. SO GANO DO NOT DISRESPECT GAMBIANS AND FAMILIES OF THESE VICTIMS BY GLORIFYING AND HAILING A MAN WHOSE NAME WAS ASSOCIATED WITH THE MURDER OF SCORES OF GAMBIANS FOR YAHYA.

Earlier in 2000 in the ambush and murder of Almamo Manneh in Bond Road, another witness who was an ADC to Jammeh, did come forward to admit that he was tasked with Ousman Sonko and other State Guard Soldiers to leave Kanilai and ‘arrest Almano and Landing Sanneh to take them to MPs in Yundum’. That was the order. Ousman and his men murdered him, threw him in the boot of a vehicle, claiming that he resisted arrest. That allegation to this day is lingering over him. You were in the Army. Did you know/hear this or Not? You are NOT Sonko and cannot attest to his character. Respect the Gambia and victims murdered in cold blood.

A veteran journalist, father and outstanding citizen DEYDA HYDARA was murdered by the Gambia govt, and until today, no state or independent investigation launched to give the Gambia and the families, any information on the findings. Again, a military witness/driver involved in that revealed that Ousman Sonko was the one following/monitoring his movements as Deyda ferried his staff from a successful anniversary of his paper that fell on his wedding anniversary. He told them where the vehicle was, where they were headed. Deyda took bullets to his head and torso. He died on the spot. Those charges have Ousman all over it. When would you learn to take this fight serious and not reduce it to foolish and ridiculous blogging? All we ask is RESPECT.

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As recently as in April this year, Solo Sandeng was arrested in broad daylight. Within 48 hours, his life was taken. Until this day, the body isn’t given to the family for a fitting, Islamic burial. The state admitted to his killing. Ousman Sonko was the Interior Minister. How dare you exonerate that man, and CONGRATULATE HIM on his escape, rejoicing that he escaped what he’d taken others through? What is wrong with you, Gano? What has happened to your soul? What is your take and stake in this whole fight? I just want to know.

You, some time ago, said that you wouldn’t want to come talk or ‘reveal’ state secrets or things you know when working as an officer because you’d taken an oath of office and allegiance. But you want Sonko to redeem himself and REVEAL, dishonoring the same oaths that stopped you? There is this one word that I hate using, because it’s been unnecessarily overused. Hypocrite. I’m NOT saying you’re a hypocrite BUT you’re EXHIBITING ALL THE SIGNS the hypocrites during the time of the Prophet displayed. In a second, I’d call you a Munafiq.

Stop! Just stop. Evidently to you, this is a political struggle. That we go to the polls to try effect change, if we fail that’s about it for you. YOU recoil and go about your business. That’s not it for most Gambians. Lives have been lost, are losing and families devastated. Do NOT reduce our predicament to Facebook banter and space filling on a blog.

I’d said it before and I’m saying it again. Whether Ousman resigned or fired isn’t an issue here. He is alleged to have participated in several crimes that he needs to be brought to book for. To me, his escape is a loss to the Gambia and the families. He ran because he knew what the men he trained and unleashed on Gambians are capable of. I wanted him ARRESTED AND BUTCHERED, OR MURDERED DURING ARREST IN FRONT OF HIS FAMILY. Or at least, arrested for any possible crimes that had him fled, and serve his time. Now that all that failed, I pray and hope that a Gambia murder him in the his new ‘safe haven’, another version of justice that could be rendered. BUT until then, save us the foolishness and shallow but blatant disrespect, Gano. Just stop it!

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****** The End *****

Pata PJ

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