Friday, July 19, 2024

Gambia continues to fall off the moral high chair

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The incongruity of Gambian morals and ethics lately compared to 30 years ago does not represent who we are and is antithesis to everything we learn not to be. Well, we are not persuaded by those intimidating us into silence when it is absolutely clear to everyone that objective fact is endangered by one sided fiction and must serve the regimes interest only.


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where we used to rebuke people for their mistakes is replaced by killings , were we used to scold people for their shortcomings are precisely replaced by tortue to confessions, grief of people’s misfortunes are replaced by laughter, legitimate criticism are considered criminal acts and questions asked about our pain lands up in jail.



The truth is undeniable that Yaya Jammeh has lead from behind when it comes to matters which concern us dearly and this explains his untrammeled exasperation when he endorses killings , shows his activism for immoral acts, refused to distance himself from discrimination, disregard of the law and unspeakable brutal treatment of our women are condoned .

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Speaking truth now annoys people to no end. Our culture have changed so much that everyone but Yaya Jammeh and his loyalist seems to intuitively grasp . We are further confused when sons and daughters of parents whom once left legacy of building the foundations stones of the country are enabling dictatorship and falsehood.


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One may disagree with one or more preferences of dealing among ourselves but we need not to be applauded with un reasonable and unnecessary world breaking records of inhumane treatment.



The shift away from our once cherished model of traditions has resulted to a great deal of setback since all our moral pillars excess were tested and replaced by Continental levels of individualism, immodesty and foreign social norms .



People in strategic leadership position whom are personally endorsed by Yaya Jammeh and the society looks up to, are so fundamentally unenamored about who we are today and look no further than their pockets instead of building on our shortcomings and little good left thereof.



What is especially troubling is, we are seeing foreign elements who mostly believe in punishments with beheadings, incarcerates for petty crimes , flogging citizens for sins and inspire hate against others, trekking our sky without no explanation of the regimes motives at the very least. When they decide to answer anything, the explaining are so thin of substance that they undermine, rather than bolster, our confidence in our government.


Thus Yaya Jammehs accomplishment, arguably, has been to spur the evolution of a new Gambian society according to his own fancies . Everything we worried about in our neighborhood has turned up in excess. micro-targeting of people is the order of the day rather than seeking to reach out to a prospective youths seeking back-way adventure. I missed the old Gambia and prayfully sanity will prevail again.


By Habib ( A Concerned Gambian)

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