Monday, April 15, 2024

Gam Music Mogul Says Artists Lack Proper Managers To flourish

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

Gambian music promoter, consultant and artist manager, Dembo Jobarteh alias D Jobz, has said Gambian musicians lack proper administrators that will properly guide them on the business aspect of music and what is playable in the international market.

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The music consultant disclosed to The Fatu Network that the Gambia music spectacle has grown but not developed, pointing out administrative lapses in the industry as well as a lack of support from companies.

He outlined that Gambian artists do not have rightful managers to instruct them as to the type of music they should release based on what’s trending.

“I feel like Gambian artists do not have proper administrators that will be able to administer their craft and be able to advise them as to what is playable in the market,” he explained.

D Jobz, who once manage ST Brikama Boyo and was involved in a scandal as the manager of Nyancho, told TFN that for the Country’s music to go beyond the borders of the country to the international stage, Gambian artists should start playing what is trending in the global market.

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“For our music to be considered at the International level, there are so many factors that should be responsible to be in place. One is the genre acceptable in the market has to be played by our artists and that requires skills from artists to flow and maintain it,” he told TFN.

According to D Jobs, over the years, Gambian artists have not been playing what is marketable or trending in the market.

The music zealot and artist manager added that Gambian music producers do not have the proper facilities to work on good visuals for the international market.

D Jobz, who calls himself ‘the Baddest artist manager’, blasted companies for not helping music producers in the country. He said if Gambian companies invest in the country’s music industry, there will be changes.

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