Monday, June 17, 2024

“Four Days Without Food: We Have Been Asked To Leave Our Temporary Shelter” – Flood Victims

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By: Alimatou S. Bajinka

The Banjul flash flood victims who were shortly sheltered at the Saint Joseph Senior Secondary School and now housed temporarily at Friendship Hostel in Bakau, have claimed they have gone for four days without food.

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The flood victims were first transferred by the government to Tobacco Road in Banjul due to recent devastating floods caused by heavy downpour. The floods destroyed houses and other valuables, rendering many people homeless and vulnerable.

Sarjo Conteh, one of the flood victims who claimed to have been given a notice to evacuate the hostel, said they have gone days without food.

“We are tired; food has now become a problem as we have now gone for four days without food. We are issued with a letter today saying we should leave the hostel on 24th of this month.”

Fatoumata Manneh is currently at the hostel with 7 children. She is seeking help from anyone who can assist as her children’s education is at stake.

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“We are seeking help from anyone who can help. My children’s uniforms, school bags and shoes are all spoiled, and school would soon resume. I have 7 children and I am living with all of them in one room. I am helpless, so I am seeking help from all.”

Mr Essa Adakuwa, another flood victim, said he cannot go back to the house he was taken from as the water had destroyed the house, forcing everyone to leave. He said his old age and condition cannot allow him to stay alone without help.

“The government recently served us with notice stating that we should all go back to our various homes, so I asked them where would I go because everyone has left. The rain water has destroyed the house and I have nowhere to go. If they take me back to that house, I will die because all the people who were helping me have all left due to the water.”

Mr Essa Adakuwa is a Ghanaian, who has been living in The Gambia since 1982 and currently using a wheelchair due to his condition, seek help from all to sustain himself.

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“I need a lot of help, giving my old age and current condition, I appeal to all to help me.”

Almost every part of the country has been affected, but the country’s capital city, Banjul was one of the worst hit settlements. As a result, some of them needed temporary accommodation before the stagnant water is drained from their houses.

The rain in question that led to such destruction was said to have been the heaviest rain in over 30 years in the country. It will take some time for the Gambia to recover from its effects. The Government is being criticized for doing little about it.

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