Information reaching Faturadio from the Foreign Ministry sources exposed an elaborate scheme being used by First Lady Zineb Suma Jammeh to illegally settle family members in the United States.   The sources have revealed that Zineb just recently put in a visa application for two of her so-called adopted kids in yet another scheme to settle people in the U.S.  The two were denied visas on the grounds that the Consular could not identify enough ties the First Lady could possibly have with these two.

She was therefore asked to bring more documents which she later brought, but the authenticities of which according to our sources, are questionable.  The visas were granted in the end after a great degree of push and pull.  According to the sources, both Yahya Jammeh and Zineb are very angry at the U.S Embassy in Banjul after the latest saga.

Faturadio has gathered that these sorts of visa scams by Zineb are not new – she has already made a name for herself in these sorts of crimes.  She has been taking a lot of people to the U.S under the pretext that they are part of her delegation, only to leave them behind once her trip is over and leaves for Banjul.  Her brother, Mohammed Suma, his wife, and many other members of her family were all brought to the U.S through this way.  They all eventually filed for asylum and have since settled in various parts of the U.S.  Zineb has opened businesses in the U.S and they are being run by the same Mohammed Suma.

Sources have disclosed that Zineb has been the subject of a State Department investigation regarding her US visa schemes.  She is already been put on a visa ban because of it.  The reason the ban hasn’t gone into effect is because she is traveling with a Diplomatic Passport, hence the ability to go in and out of the U.S whenever she likes.  But once she loses the Diplomatic privileges, which will automatically happen once her husband leaves office, she is not allowed to enter the United States for over a hundred years – essentially her life time.

Despite Yahya Jammeh’s constant rhetoric railing against the U.S, both he and his wife have an expensive taste for U.S products.  On every trip, they are both seen buying anything from food items to clothing, to furniture.  Our sources at the State House have confirmed that nothing that the First Family consumes is from The Gambia – even the water they drink is bought in the U.S.  Their daughter, Mariam Jammeh is currently attending a private school in Manhattan, New York to the tune of $72,000 a year.  Considering that 75 per cent of Gambians live on less than $1 a day, all these go to show the hypocrisy and callousness of Yahya and Zineb Jammeh.

The U.S is being urged to monitor the arrival of these kids she is bringing to make sure they go back according to the time period allowed, otherwise, they will not be going home anytime soon.  Faturadio will also keep an eye on the matter as it unfolds.