Friday, July 19, 2024

Ex-KMC Mayor Colley warns Bensouda against ‘tribal politics’

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By: Lolly Sowe

The former mayor of Kanifing Municipality Yankuba Colley has warned Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda to desist from “tribal politics”, saying he should welcome all irrespective of their political affiliation.

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Colley made these remarks at a recent press conference as he responded to comments made by Talib Ahmed Bensouda during his municipality tour.

Responding to comments by mayor Bensouda’s assertions that Jolas are only from Foni, Colley noted that Jolas are found in different places in the country.

“Talib should watch his tone when speaking because they have done nothing wrong to him, not all Jolas are from Casamance, he shouldn’t be tribalistic when speaking,” he warned.

He claimed that during his tenure, he used to welcome everyone irrespective of their tribe or political affiliations.

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Mr. Colley said he has left a legacy in the council due to his work during his tenure.

“I don’t compare myself to others because I lead and now, they are following. I have brought development projects in the council some of whom Mayor Bensouda is taking credit for,” he asserted.

He explained that he has worked hard in Council to reduce suffering during his tenure.

Mr. Colley claimed that during his service at the council, he was audited twice and once after his tenure but was never found wanting.

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The former APRC mayor told journalists that he “never wasted public funds” while accusing mayor Bensouda of mismanagement of public funds.

“I have responded to the problems in the council and solved them. I never run from my responsibilities,” he added.

He noted that the first thing he did in office was purchase 29 tractors and trailers with no over-taxes from the people.

“Talib is collecting six million (D6000,000.00) for salaries alone unlike my days when it was 2 million which I was paying,” Mr. Colley claimed.

According to the Ex-KMC mayor, Bensouda stopped staff with medical insurance when he came into the office which was existing during his time on ruling in assisting those staff.

He admitted to having a debt of nine million dalasis (D9000,000.00) during his time as mayor.

“Under Bensouda’s tenure, the council has a current debt of D15 million dalasis,” he added.

The former KMC boss further asserted that Bensouda doesn’t know his staff.

He also denied claims that he spent over nine million dalasis on ex-President Jammeh’s birthday celebrations when he was a national mobilizer.

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