I have known Aminata Correa since she was a young schoolgirl going to Muslim Senior Secondary School. She was the first person I know who celebrated her birthday in the form of a symposium dedicated to the liberation of Africa in 2005. I was the quest speaker on that day at B.O. Semega Janneh Hall in Bundung.

Aminata was one of the leading and energetic young people who had formed Pan-African students clubs in various schools. These clubs were later constituted into an umbrella network called the Congress of Pan-African Students Associations (COPASA) which was formally launched on 10 April 2004 at Nusrat coinciding with the 3rd anniversary of the April 10 and 11 Student Massacre. Aminata was elected as the Liaison Servant in the first Executive Committee of COPASA.

Since then Aminata has continued to stand for the rights and dignity of Gambians and Africans as a whole. She has consistently maintained her convictions and loyalty to the struggle for freedom and the attainment of the deepest aspirations of the people. After completing school, she and I with other comrades formed the Pan-African Congress, which has organized various education forums at Brikama campus, Father Farrell Hall, B.O. Semega Janneh Hall and various other schools and communities to promote human rights and Pan-Africanism in the Gambia.

Aminata is a self-employed hard working mother of three children. She is respectable, hard working and a progressive woman who represents the values and standards of the New Gambia.

As we go to the polls on April 6, I hereby endorse this remarkable Amazon, Aminata Correa standing under the PPP ticket for Latri Kunda Sabiji constituency. She is a resolute freedom fighter and a dedicated servant. To the voters of Latri Kunda Sabiji, I can assure you that you have a trustworthy, dependable and humble representative. I am more than convinced that Aminata shall not betray the people of Latri Kunda and the Gambia.

Voting for Aminata is voting for our future, our security and our dignity.

God Bless The Gambia.