Monday, February 26, 2024

ECOWAS forces intercept trucks loaded with timber in Brikama

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The Senegalese soldiers under the ECOWAS troops have intercepted dozens of trucks loaded with timber at Brikama in the West Coast Region.

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The trucks with Gambian Number Plates transporting timber logs were parked by the Senegalese soldiers at Brikama/Mandinaba Highway. They were questioned about the papers for the logs. They were asked to park their trucks under the watch of the Senegalese soldiers that were encamped at Cannon.

Colonel Faye, the Senegalese soldier in charge at the Check Point was approached but declined to comment, saying the military spokesperson is the one to be contacted. He has not given any further reason for parking the trucks.

The truck drivers also would not explained the reason but only said they were instructed to park. Some of them said they were told the order came from the ECOWAS Command Centre. They were ordered to stop the transportation of timber while the matter is being resolve.

According to eyewitnesses, the soldiers were filming the timber trucks and taking photos as well. It is said some of the drivers were having Senegalese royalties and custom papers.

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