Bowing Abubacarr Tambadou has called on critics of the Barrow government to not just sit back and lay blame when mistakes happen.

The Barrow government has acquired a lot of critics since its ascension three and a half years ago.

Abubacarr Tambadou who worked as the attorney general and minister of justice since 2017 knows clearly how it feels to be in a Barrow government. He’s resigned after securing a new job with the United Nations.

On Friday, the former minister held a press conference where he asked critics to be constructive in their criticism of the Barrow government.


He said: “We inherited a system of governance where State institutions from the Presidency to the lowest levels were systematically dismantled over a two decade period; and where we found no culture or practice of State protocol in consonance with democratic practice.

“In many instances, we have had to rely on conventional wisdom. Given these circumstances, there are bound to be mistakes. But when mistakes occur, point them out in a constructive manner and make suggestions on how to avoid them in future. Do not just sit back and moan and blame.”