December election: Barrow will win 80% of votes in Baddibu, MP says

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Lower Baddibu MP Alhagie Jawara has said President Adama Barrow’s chances in Baddibu are great as his triumph there in the December poll could go up to 80%.

Jawara stated this during an exclusive interview with The Fatu Network.

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Baddibu is typical a UDP stronghold but Jawara said the table has now flipped.

“The only places NPP may not do well is Salikenni and Njaba Kunda but the president will score at least 80%,” Jawara said, adding “those saying President Barrow is not popular in Baddibu do not know Baddibu”.

Gambians will go to the polls this December to choose a new president, the first presidential election since the overturning of former President Yahya Jammeh’s dictatorship.

President Barrow will seek re-election in the election.

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