By Lamin Njie

UDP leader Ousainou Darboe has called on President Adama Barrow to look into the issue of non-Gambians serving on the public service commission.

Mr Darboe also called on President Barrow to rectify the issue of public service commission officials being members of political organisations and involving in political activities.

The UDP leader made these calls on Saturday during a meeting with supporters in Wellingara.

Mr Darboe said: “I want to call on President Adama Barrow to look into the public service commission, to see whether those who are there are qualified. Because anyone who is not qualified to be a national assembly member is not qualified to be a member of the public service commission.

“The law says that anyone who is a member of the national assembly is not qualified for to be a member of the public service commission. What the constitution says is that members of the public service commission should not take part in politics, they should not be hold positions in political groups.

“We know that there are people at the public service commission who are also members of certain groups, groups that are engaged in politics. President Adama Barrow should look into that, to rectify the situation because after all, the constitution of this country must reign supreme. This country cannot continue to be ruled on the whims and caprices of individuals. After all, that what we fought. That why we fought Yahya Jammeh.

“There are people there who are not citizens of this country because they hold the nationality of other countries. We cannot accept people who forsake Gambian citizenship and become citizens of other countries and come [to The Gambia] to holding positions like those in the public service. That’s illegal.”