Mr. Pa Modou Mbowe, the Managing Director of the Daily Observer Newspaper who was petitioned by his staff to resign together with his management Monday dodged from angry staff while they were waiting to stop him from getting inside his official vehicle.

Mbowe spent many years in Europe particularly the United Kingdom as a militant of the former ruling APRC party. He was later appointed by the former President shortly after the last presidential elections to manage the affairs of the Daily Observer Company during the political impasse. The company was temporarily shut down by the Gambia Revenue Authority for tax evasions as it owes millions of dalasi to the country’s tax authorities. The efforts made to resolve the tax scandal failed after the country’s press union announced its withdrawal from the negotiations.

The staffs of the company bitterly complained about the inefficiency and the lack of professionalism at the level of the management.

When the Managing Director (Mbowe) was approached at his office about his reaction to the petition written by the staffs of the company he pretended nothing has happened. He said he was not aware of what was happening at downstairs. He later confirmed that he has received a letter but does not know its content because he hasn’t open it.

MD Mbowe promised to grant an interview after he read the letter the next day.

“Come tomorrow morning to my office for an interview,” Managing Director Pa Modou Mbowe said.

While the staff were organizing themselves at the reception, the MD managed his way through the back door to entered his official vehicle and went away before the angry staff would rush to stop him.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Editor In Chief, Momodou Saidy said the petition was a news to him. The staff vowed not to allow the MD to enter the office again.