Friday, September 29, 2023

“Consuming Expired Foods Does Not Necessarily Lead to Health Complications,” FSQA Director Addresses Concerns About Expired Food Products

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By: Dawda Baldeh

In a recent press briefing held at the Food Safety and Quality Authority (FSQA) headquarters in Kairaba Avenue, Director General Mamodou Bah shed light on the organization’s stance regarding expired food products. Contrary to some concerns, Bah clarified that while they acknowledge the issue, they are less alarmed about it than one might think.

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The Director General began by emphasizing that not all expired food products pose an immediate threat to health. In his explanation, he pointed out that the “expiry” label primarily signifies that the manufacturer no longer guarantees the quality of the product after the specified date has passed. He stated, “Consuming expired foods does not necessarily lead to health complications; it simply means that the manufacturer no longer assures the product’s quality after the expiry date.”

When pressed for further clarification on the matter, Bah reiterated FSQA’s commitment to maintaining food safety standards. He emphasized that the authority continues to rigorously inspect foods in the market to ensure consumer protection.

However, Bah also underscored that FSQA’s level of concern regarding expired food products is in line with global practices. He clarified, “We share a similar perspective with other countries when it comes to expired food products.” Bah went on to emphasize that while expired food products might not be an immediate health hazard, they can still pose health risks.

Health experts have pointed out that consuming expired foods or products past their best-before dates can expose individuals to harmful bacteria, potentially leading to symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and fever, among others.

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Despite this, Bah clarified that FSQA is not advocating for the consumption of expired food products in any way. He stated unequivocally, “We do not condone, encourage, or allow the sale or consumption of expired food products.” To enforce this stance, the authority actively confiscates and destroys expired food products. Additionally, Bah noted that anyone found involved in selling expired food products will face prosecution.

Furthermore, Bah urged the public to play a role in maintaining food safety by reporting any suspicious activity involving expired food products. This collaborative effort between authorities and the public is essential for safeguarding the well-being of consumers.

In summary, the FSQA Director General, Mamodou Bah, provided clarification on the issue of expired food products, emphasizing that while they do not necessarily lead to immediate harm, they are not encouraged or endorsed by the authority. FSQA remains committed to its role in ensuring food safety and encourages public vigilance in reporting any concerning incidents involving expired food products.

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