The Fatu Network has received information that the coalition government is hugely divided over the upcoming national assembly elections. Sources say after many closed door meetings, the leader of The United Democratic Party, Lawyer Ousaiou Darboe who is current the country Foreign Minister has insisted on a tactical alliance saying that is what he agreed on with the UDP executive. “We do not want to kill the UDP, therefore we will go the parliamentary elections alone” Lawyer Darboe was quoted as saying.

Foreign Minister Darboe is said to have maintained his position after three meetings were held with him. The source added that at first he asked for some time to finalize with his team but got back to them with news that The UDP will not be contesting as a coalition.

Many of the coalition members are said to have been deeply disappointed. Some say this is a confirmation that The UDP leader, Lawyer Ousainou Darboe never preferred a coalition in the first place.

Meanwhile, Amat Bah, leader of The NRP and current Minister for Tourism is quoted as saying that his party will not be contesting under a coalition ticket. Many have referred to Bah as a spoiler and said they are not surprised that he decided to go it alone.

Sources close to the coalition have disclosed that The UN and other international organizations had advised the coalition to contest the elections as a team.

Another meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, March 1, during which President Barrow is expected to be briefed before a press statement is issue.

Will this division within the coalition give The ousted APRC government a chance to make a comeback?