Thursday, July 25, 2024

The Ceesay And Jobe Families Need Your Help

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Press Release from the Ceesay and Jobe Family; Requesting for help from anyone that may have Information on the two missing Gambian born US Citizens
Like many families whose love ones disappeared without trace under the Jammeh regime, we the Ceesay and Jobe family have anxiously waited for more than 3 years hoping to be re-united with Alhagie Mamute Ceesay and Ebou Jobe.

Alhagie and Ebou who are both Gambian born US citizens decided to visit in May 2013. The main purpose of their visit was to start a business but also to empower the many youths in the country.

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Based on credible eye witness accounts which has already been reported to the State Department and the FBI, Alhagie and Ebou went to watch the Youssoufa Ngum’s (Musa Ngum’s son) show on June 22 2013. There were NIA officials present at the show, and were following the two. On their way home from the event, their car was stopped at the Burusubi checkpoint. The two were asked to get out of the car and were handcuffed and threw in the back of the pick-up truck. They were later taken to the house that they rented. The apartment was completely ransacked and they were later taken to the NIA office. This was the last time they had any contact with the outside world.

For over three years, we have learned to work relentlessly just to keep hope alive. Some days the grief is so unbearable but we kept moving hoping for a day when Gambia will be free from tyranny and we will all be re-united with our love ones.

We believe there is someone out there that has some information and we are pleading with you to please come forward (however small or sad). You can get in touch with us on one of the numbers below or via email or Twitter.

There are still many other victims still unaccounted for, we are also pleading on behalf of those families, for you to come forward with any information that can help them as well.

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This has been a long tough journey, and the family miss Alhagie and Ebou dearly. We are hopeful that this ordeal will soon end with your help!

Contacts in US;

Olay Ceesay – 682-472-2090

Juka Ceesay – 917-520-5249

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Contacts Gambia;

Alhagie Ebou Ceesay +220 797 2087

Email Address; [email protected]

Twitter; @FreeAlhagieEbou

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