Sunday, July 21, 2024

BST Galaxy FC set to partner with renowned English football academy

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The BST Galaxy Football Club, owned and financed by the Gambian international Baboucarr Steve Trawally, in its quest to revolutionize Gambian football by developing players and enhancing the capabilities of its technical team, is set to collaborate and partnered with the esteemed Pass Grin Football Academy in Nottingham, England.

Omar Jarju, the vice president of the club, is currently in England trying to connect BST to this prestigious football academy which has a strong reputation for shaping talents.

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The partnership, which is set to expose players and coaches to new opportunities, will be the first of its kind for the club.

Speaking to TFN, Omar Jarju said it has always been the goal of the team to stretch its arms and create partnerships.

“As a cultured club based on developing talents for the market, BST has always stretched its arms to meet and create partnerships with credible and prestigious football bodies. Pass Move Grin Football Academy has over the years developed talents across England, and then they have had good working relationships with Chelsea, Leicester, and other top clubs in England.

“For this being the case, every club will want to associate with them. That’s why when the opportunity came, I didn’t hesitate to connect with them. So, I think there will be a win-win situation, especially for BST, and then partnering with great academies like this will not only help players to get exposure, but then this has to do with technical developments for coaches and the technical staff. “

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Jarjue, however, said there is no concrete agreement yet but is hopeful that the deal will be sealed soon.

He further told The Fatu Network BST Football Club, now a top divisional football team in The Gambia, has a three-year project plan that is set to change the narrative of Gambian football.

“The impact will be, of course, to change the narrative of the Gambian football because when we came in newly, that’s what we promised our people, that’s what we promised the Gambians that BST was here to change the face of Gambian football and when partnerships like this comes to effect, lots of things will definitely go positive, and we hope that players will definitely benefit directly by visiting this academy or traveling through this academy,” he told TFN.

BST Galaxy Football Club is one of the fastest-growing football clubs in the country. It is owned and financed by Gambian Footballer, Baboucarr Steve Trawally. The team finished 2nd in the second division last season and secured a promotion to the pinnacle of Gambian football.

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