Monday, July 22, 2024

BREAKING NEWS: Alleged Shooting Incident at Wellingara School by Grade 2 Primary School Student

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The Fatu Network has received distressing reports of an alleged shooting incident at Wellingara School.
According to a credible source, a student reportedly discharged a firearm, causing serious injury to another student’s arm.

“The grade 2 primary school student brought a pistol into the classroom and shot one student,” the source stated.

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Allegedly, the motive behind the shooting was to harm a teacher, as the student had purportedly confided such intentions to a friend.

The Fatu Network contacted the school administration for comment. The school Mistress requested the identity of our source before disclosing any information.

“Who provided you with my contact?” she questioned. “I won’t share any details until you reveal your source,” she added.

Despite repeated attempts, our reporter maintained the confidentiality of the source. The school Mistress cited bad weather for postponing further communication, stating, “It’s raining heavily; please call back later.”

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Efforts to obtain a response from the police have been made, but no official report has been filed at this time.

The police have assured us they will investigate the incident and provide updates soon.

Stay tuned for further developments…

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