By Lamin Njie

President Adama Barrow has said he capitulated after realizing PDOIS was balking at any effort to have its members serve in his government.

President Barrow speaking to Paradise TV in an exclusive interview detailed how he doled out positions to all coalition stakeholder leaders except PDOIS whose leaders declined at every turn.

Mr Barrow said: “I called Halifa and told him I will give them two ministerial posts but I told him I want him to be part of that two. I also told I want Sidia to be part it.

“He said he would have to consult his party. He returned and said the central committee told him that they should not take position.

“I invited Sidia too. I told him I want him in my cabinet. We had a long conversation. I told him I wanted him to be at higher education. He too told me he would have to consult the party. He returned and he too said the same thing: central committee.

“I later realized it’s not about an individual; it’s about the party. That the party took a position and I needed to respect it. But I was a bit disappointed.”