By Lamin Njie

President Adama Barrow is currently in Foni heading back to State House after ending the first half of his nationwide tour.

Mr Barrow began touring the country on 18 November starting in the North Bank Region. He later toured Central River, Upper River and Lower River regions, holding meetings in key villages and towns.

On Saturday afternoon, the president left Mansakonko for Banjul after ending the first leg of the tour.

Gambians from all walks of life largely Mr Barrow’s supporters have started gathering at the roadside to catch a glimpe of the president’s return.

One Abuko man wearing a t-shirt bearing the image of President Barrow says the Gambian leader has proven his critics wrong .

“This is what is called bomb, last card, arrest[sic],” he told Barrow Media Empowerment, speaking on Mr Barrow’s popularity.