Monday, July 22, 2024

Bakary Badjie’s campaign manager accuses MC Cham, others of bribing Alkalolu

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By: Lolly Sowe

Matar Saine, Bakary Badjie’s Mobilizer General ahead of the local government elections, has accused Momodou MC Cham Junior and his people of bribing Alkalolu in exchange for endorsing incumbent Kanifing Municipal Council Mayor Talib Ahmed Bensouda.

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He asserted that Talib’s hope is in MC Cham Junior who is making lots of accusations about Alkalolu.

According to him, MC Cham visited Alkalolu who were expecting support in return for an endorsement.

“The Alkalolu are our leaders, and they will remain to be our leaders in our communities.

He added that MC Cham’s crew are doing everything in making sure that they get the victory.

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“They are giving money, sugar and oil to the people. They are investing in wrestling, football, music, and football parks which they have not done over the past four (4) years,” he told journalists.

According to Mr. Saine, Alkalolu should not be opposition. He claimed that MC Cham’s crew are doing things for themselves and not for the interest of the country.

Matarr further claims that MC Cham intends to remove the Alkalolu from their positions.

“People like MC Cham always want to be opposition. The wards, communities, and regions should know the council they are supporting should always have a good relationship with the government for development instead of creating misunderstandings like Mayor Talib Bensouda and his crew,” he said.

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Minister Badjie’s campaign manager added that millions of dalasis are in councils, however, he claimed that no one knows how the money is used.

He claimed the money is used for the participant and personal interest.

“People like MC Cham doesn’t worth to be heed,” he said.

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