Thursday, November 30, 2023

Bah praises Barrow for setting up commission of inquiry into LGs

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By: Dawda Baldeh

While the move by President Barrow to investigate local government councils ahead of the forthcoming election has been met with staunch criticism by the opposition, Mamadou Bah, a 2021 Independent presidential aspirant, has praised President Adama Barrow for the move.

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“This is a wonderful move and thank you for taking the lead in fighting corruption in our society,” Bah said.

He added that the move is in line with President Barrow’s campaign promises in 2021.

“The commission is set in the right direction for our motherland the Gambia and I stand in solidarity with President Adama Barrow on this wonderful decision,” he added.

He claimed that the commission to investigate the local council is established to investigate issues of national importance and is led by distinguished individuals and experts.

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“They will gather and verify information, create a historical record of events, and provide a basis for further investigations on alleged concerns at the local council,” he asserted.

Bah noted that politicians should be prepared to take responsibility for their actions for the national interest.

“The UDP leadership should have taken the lead in establishing the commission to check the record at various councils before thinking of re-electing anyone back to the office,” he suggested.

He urged the opposition leaders to emulate the move by President Barrow and give him the necessary support.

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“The commission is more important than the local government election right now,” Bah claimed, adding that taxpayers’ money should be put to good use.

“We need to put the interest of the taxpayers first if not we will remain poor and hungry.

“To our duly elected commissioners, I encourage you to listen to diverse voices- including those of people who have been overlooked, forgotten, and excluded, and who are facing persistent threats to their lives and livelihoods,” he added.

He commended the president for what he described as a “wonderful body to repair our tattered social fabric and help our democracy live up to its ideals.”

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