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Bachilly – I endorse Bensouda based on his manifesto

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Musa Ousainou Yali Bachilly, leader of the opposition Gambia Action Party (GAP) said he endorses Talib Ahmed Bensouda for re-election as Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC) mayor because of his manifesto. Mr. Bensouda is the incumbent mayor of KMC who is seeking a second term mandate under the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) ticket.

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Mr. Bachilly was speaking at the manifesto launch of Bensouda on Saturday 6th May 2023 as Gambians go to the polls on 20th May 2023 to elect mayors and chairpersons of local councils.

“I am not UDP, but I respect UDP. The political maturity people have in the Gambia is different. I endorse Bensouda based on his manifesto. We should see Gambia before anything because if you love the country, you must be tolerant, confident and patient,” he said.

Speaking on bribing electorates for votes, Bachilly told residents of Kanifing Municipality (KM) to collect any money given to them by the ruling party but vote for Mr. Bensouda, adding that Bensouda has not given anyone money to attend his nomination, but that people used their own money to attend the nomination because they love him.

“Don’t reject any money; collect any money they give you because it is yours and vote for Bensouda. He has not given anyone money, but he has presented his manifesto. We should stop deceiving people. The government should use that money and invest in the health sector because our hospitals are without medicines. It doesn’t make sense. They [NPP] are going round giving people money,” he explained.

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He continued that there will be no problem if the ruling National People’s Party (NPP) and the main opposition United Democratic Party (UDP) put the interest of the country first.

“It is true that the central government is NPP and KMC’s current mayor is UDP. If UDP and NPP put Gambia first there will be no problem,” Bachilly told attendees.

The GAP leader branded himself as a concerned citizen even though he is a political leader.

“I love Gambia. I love Gambia more than GAP. Our father [Ousainou Darboe] loves Gambia,” he added.

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Emphasizing on point five of the manifesto, which covers transportation, Bachilly noted that if the council brings buses and the central government brings buses without reducing the fares and addressing the problems of the people, they are more into making money.

“Some people will wake up every day and will struggle to travel from Brikama to Banjul. This should not be. Fifty-eight years (58) of independence we are facing problems with our transport system; that’s bad,” he said.

Through confidence, you can unite the people and Bensouda has achieved that in the council. We should stop politics of deception, politics of attack, politics of betrayal, politics of insult. Gambia is KMC and KMC is Gambia because any region you think of in the Gambia has people residing in KMC,” Bachilly stressed.

GAP leader said the KM has improved over the years under the leadership of Talib Ahmed Bensouda.

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