Friday, April 12, 2024

BAC Saga & Garbage in the Market: JS Sanneh Calls On Council to Consider Electorates

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

Amid the administrative standoff between the Councilors and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the former aspirant for the Brikama Area Council chairmanship election, Ibrahim JS Sanneh, said the Council should consider those who elected them. Dumps and waste continue to be visible at the Market, risking the health conditions of many.

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Some parts of the Brikama main garage and some other entrances to the market are littered with waste, leaving market vendors exposed to the health risks associated with the pile of garbage in the market.

Speaking to The Fatu Network, Ibrahim JS, former candidate for the Brikama Area Council Chairmanship election, said the Council and the government should end their dispute and consider the interests of the people who entrusted them to serve. He stated that there is plenty of garbage almost everywhere in the market.

“As things unfold between the central government and the Brikama area council, my people are experiencing terrible environmental issues. There is numerous garbage everywhere, especially in the market area. This is totally uncomfortable; it is time for both parties to come to terms and end this suffering. Pride and ego will not take one anywhere; both have to understand the magnitude of their respective offices by considering the people who voted them into those offices. This is not a game; enough is enough. As the saying goes, when two elephants fight, the grass suffers,” he told The Fatu Network.

The visibility of the piles of waste and garbage is believed to be continuously left there since after the recent saga between the Council and its CEO, which resulted in the Police detaining more than half of the elected councilors. During his Meet-the-People’s-tour meeting in Brikama, President Adama Barrow and his Tourism Minister, Hamat Nk Bah, both expressed that Brikama is dirty and implored on the Yankuba Darboe-led Council to clean the town.

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According to JS Sanneh, he will mobilize young people in the town to embark on a massive cleanup at the market because he doesn’t know when the garbage collection or cleaning impasse will end.

“I’m hereby calling for a massive mobilization of the youth of Brikama and beyond to intervene, organize a cleaning exercise to rescue our people. We can’t wait any longer because we do not know when the fight will be over. I will summon a meeting with my group and also reach out to other youth groups to select a day to commence the cleaning exercise.”

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