Saturday, December 9, 2023

As Dictator Jammeh Dares The Nation On His Human Sacrifices: More Reports Of Child Abductions Coming From Banjul

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We are keenly following reports of children being abducted in The Gambia, initially there were reports that the abductions were conducted clandestinely by what appears to be marauding soldiers lying in wait at the cover of the darkness to pounce on their preys and sped off in tinted unnumbered vehicles.


But apparently we are getting disturbing reports that the abductors are now doing their nefarious acts openly where the victims are said to be dumped in Kanilai for their eventual sacrifice to dictator Jammeh’s shrines all as part of efforts for him to remain in power at all cost.


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Just last week The Fatu Network interviewed a spiritual leader who revealed a chilling order from dictator Jammeh that he needed seventy children who have to be slaughtered in mid November and their blood sacrificed to his shrines.


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Even though the dictator claims to be a devout muslim, many people who know him say Jammeh only uses religion as a facet to cover his idol worshipping routine which he does with the belief that such un cult behavior will keep him in power. The sad reality though is that the innocent by standers in all this…Parents and children will continue to be the eventual end losers, and The Gambia as a whole.




We are gathering enough information on these reports coming from Banjul and will be talking to parents of children who have been abducted and eyewitness who claimed to have witnessed the abductions.



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