UDP leader Ousainou Darboe used diplomatic language throughout as he on Tuesday evening responded to Sidia Jatta over the veteran politician’s damaging claims against him.

Mr Jatta in an exclusive interview with The Fatu Network this past Sunday blasted that President Barrow killed the coalition and Darboe finalised its murder by burying it. Mr Jatta’s other claims include President Barrow allegedly telling him Darboe said he will make him foreign minister by hook or by crook.

The UDP leader responded to Mr Jatta on Tuesday evening for the first time during an interview with Membekering.

He said: “I held Sidia in high regard yesterday (previously). I respected him. One, because of his age. Two, I placed him among people who have outstanding minds. I placed him among people who even where it’s hard, to say statements that did not exist.

“But it’s today I despise (look down upon) Sidia, I despise him a lot. The statements he made which are statements that never existed and he wants people to believe those his statements that do not exist. That has made me to look down upon him a lot.

“I think he said the coalition disintegrated when the ministers were appointed. So was it me who appointed the ministers? If they say there is an agreement, he didn’t say which agreement they signed. The agreement that no one would disagree to was the one for the convention to select the president.

“It was the national assembly elections when there was disagreement. If there was an agreement, what disagreement would happen? All these people, statements that did not exist are what they say. And you know I said I did not want to respond to this statement but if you see I am saying something about it is because there is someone who spoke who I didn’t hope would say statements that do not exist.

“Didn’t he even say I was the one who told Barrow not to make him foreign minister. With his experience and his knowledge? He knows it’s the president who chooses a minister, no one can tell the president it’s so you should make minister.

“To then sit in the middle of the whole world and say these things. Wallahi I despise (look down on) him. So because I despise (look down on) him, I will not respond to him. Because if I respond to him, I will bring myself down.”