Monday, July 22, 2024

Arrest Made: Online Sex Scammer Targeting Gambian Girls Caught

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Authorities have apprehended an accused online sex scammer who allegedly engaged in sexual activities with numerous Gambian girls, promising them an opportunity to travel to the United States.

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According to a reliable source, the perpetrator pretended to be a Caucasian (white) American online to entice young girls into sexual activities with him here in The Gambia. He allegedly used a fake Facebook account of a white man to make promises of a trip to America in exchange for sexual favors.

It was discovered that the fake account was used to inform one of the girls that she would only be taken to America if she engaged in a sexual relationship with his Gambian associate (the perpetrator himself), so they could travel together as a couple.

The fake account then provided the girl with a local (Gambian) number, which, according to the Caucasian man, belongs to his associate in The Gambia. The girl proceeded to reach out to him.

This alleged sex scammer informed the girl that his Caucasian friend had informed him about her.

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Alarmed by the suspicion of the scam, a plan was devised to catch the suspect, and the police were contacted. The alleged perpetrator was apprehended following a meeting with the girl at a residence where intimate relations were anticipated to occur.

During their interaction with the perpetrator, he allegedly dubiously informed the girl that if she did not engage in sexual activities with him, she would not receive the necessary documents to travel to America. Furthermore, he allegedly required her to have sexual relations with him three times daily to pass a certain test.

The matter was reported to, and is being handled by, the Sukuta Police.

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