Monday, June 17, 2024


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By: The Perpetual Poet (Grammarian Komma)

The future of Africa is anchored in hygienic politics. Unless this concept is embraced by the electorate and politicians, our development policies, governance agenda, and economic wellbeing will deteriorate, falter, and languish.

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Let’s discuss Africa’s economic standing in general. What is our economic performance? Why is our economy still stagnant?

Rwanda today boasts one of the world’s fastest-growing economies. The question is, what strategies did Rwanda adopt?

Rwanda prioritized political freedom, ethnic harmony, religious tolerance, and social stability, laying a foundation for their nation’s future.

The end of tribal conflicts that led to the Rwandan genocide was a turning point. Today, they have left behind negativity and work collectively for the Rwandan people’s interests.

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Many African countries overlook the economic drivers. Instead, politicians focus on deceiving voters.

Africa possesses valuable minerals and resources that can transform the continent, yet African elites often hinder progress.

What impedes Africa’s progress, and what are our representatives doing to address these challenges?

Africa possesses the power to defend itself and elevate its economic profile.

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Let’s look back. China was once a third world country facing development challenges. Today, it’s a global manufacturing hub.

China’s technological prowess and skilled workforce contribute to its global influence. Many African countries rely on Chinese expertise for infrastructure projects, highlighting Africa’s dependence.

As Africans, especially the youth, we must address these challenges. Blaming others won’t solve our problems. It’s time to make informed choices for economic, political, and social growth.

Quoting veteran Gambian politician Halifa Sallah, “We are all liberated; our actions are our own.”

Africa has lost its strength, integrity, and humanity. We must unite to reclaim our greatness.

Women in Africa face challenges despite their crucial roles. They deserve equal opportunities and recognition in governance and decision-making processes.

African mothers are the backbone of our continent. Excluding them from governance and decision-making is a recipe for disaster.

Africa must rise!

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