A Letter To The Gambian Creatives

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Dear Gambian creatives,

Excuse my drafting this letter two years too late.

Please stop breaking my heart. I am still healing from the blow of a few young creatives who I placed so much hope on, letting me down. Differentiate between State sponsored and personality sponsored. The personality’s only objective — to dry your ink or to draw that ink in their favor. Your pen is your sword, your words your armor, the genius to string them into a heart fluttering prose, a gift. Your ink, as precious as gold is priceless. Humanity’s elevation your prize. A brighter future for our children your objective. Let your conscience guide you. Words have crushed empires. The griot can sing a King to war just as he can pacify him with his honeyed words, reminding him of his pure lineage.

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Join me to turn a new tide. Please reclaim your ink. Forgive yourself and reclaim your ink. Imagine the day of recalling; your words being archived for being an endorsing element of the brutalizing system. We are young now but forever young we will not stay. Reclaim your ink and let us draw a new conscientious blueprint of truth telling.

Let the system of today not trick your senses. It can never fool your heart, for a creative’s heart is ever true. Must be so hard to fight your heart daily! Reclaim your truth.

I look forward to the gushing of your ink razing the path to liberty.


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Khadijah Aja Tambajang

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