Tuesday, November 28, 2023

60 Arrested And Charged With Obstruction Of Traffic

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It has been reported that sixty people were arrested by the police force in an alleged sit-down strike by drivers against the fare reduction of commercial vehicles by the government.

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The Police Spokesperson has confirmed that  out of the sixty alleged drivers arrested, 13 of them are juveniles and as such they have been handed over to the juvenile ward to handle their issues.

“Sixty people were arrested. Some of them are juveniles who are handed to the juvenile ward. The remaining 47 are charged with obstruction of traffic and conducting themselves violently,” ASP Foday Conta said.

He added: “They did not go to work and wouldn’t allow others to work.”

ASP Conta said the arrests were made at different locations from Tippa Garage, Tabokoto and other places.

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The Police Spokesperson added that sit down strikes are allowed under the law but this one was wrongfully carried out.

ASP Conta further talked about the consultative meeting between the drivers and the ministry of transport during which they agreed on reducing transport fares.

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