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“Extrajudicial Killings Under The Command Of Yahya Jammeh” – White Paper

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The recently released Government White Paper on the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) report highlights major killings, torture and other atrocities committed by the junglers which the TRRC says were receiving direct orders from former President Yahya Jammeh. The TRRC recommends for Jammeh and the junglers to be prosecuted for the following atrocities:

  1. The Commission found that Dawda Nyassi was killed on the orders of Yahya Jammeh after he was picked up at Serrekunda by Tumbul Tamba, Sanna Manjang, Alieu Jeng and Malick Jatta. All four Junglers participated in his unlawful killing.
  2. The Commission found the NIA handed over Ndongo Mboob to the Junglers (Tumbul Tamba, Solo Bojang, Sanna Manjang, Alieu Jeng and Malick Jatta) who took him to Bunubor Gardens where he was killed him. The Commission found Ndongo Mboob was killed due to differences he had with former President Yahya Jammeh. The fact that no investigation was conducted into his whereabouts following his disappearance shows that former President Yahya Jammeh intended for his disappearance to remain unknown.
  1. Lawyer Ousman Sillah defended Baba Jobe when he was prosecuted after Baba Jobe had fallen out with Yahya Jammeh. Lawyer Sillah was a critic of Yahya Jammeh accusing him of wanting to entrench himself in power. The Commission found Yahya Jammeh ordered the junglers to kill Lawyer Sillah. He however survived the attempt on his life.
  2. The Commission found that Deyda Hydara was a veteran journalist who had a column “Good morning, Mr. President” in the Point Newspaper and was regarded by former President Yahya Jammeh as one of his most ardent The Commission found that the Killing of Deyda Hydara by the Jungerlers was ordered by former President Yahya Jammeh. The operation was conducted by two groups of junglers, one headed by Tumbul Tamba and another by Kawsu Camara (Bombardier) who ambushed Mr. Hydara at Kanifing in December 2004 and shot him. Mr. Hydara died from the gunshot wounds and two of his staff members sustained serious injuries.
  3. The Commission found that Haruna Jammeh and Jasaja Kujabi, brother and cousin respectively of Yahya Jammeh who Jammeh fell out with as he believed the duo planned to kill him to take over his properties. The Commission found Yahya Jammeh ordered the junglers to kill the two. Tumbul Tamba, Solo Bojang, Sanna Manjang, Omar Jallow (Oya) and Alieu Jeng organised and executed the order by killing both Haruna Jammeh and Jasaja Kujabi and dumping their bodies in a well belonging to Solo Bojang where he disposed of the
  4. The Commission found that Daba Marenah, Alpha Bah, Ebou Lowe, Alieu Ceesay, Manlafi Corr, Masi Jammeh (sister to President Jammeh), and a lady named Julia were killed sometime in early 2006 by Tumbul Tamba and other Junglers on the orders of Yahya Jammeh.
  1. Daba Marenah and his three male colleagues were suspected of being involved in the failed Ndure Cham Masi Jammeh was killed for trying to obtain information from Yahya Jammeh on the whereabouts of her brother, Haruna Jammeh. Julia is suspected to be one of the West African migrants (Julia Maku) who was not killed together with the other male African migrants in July 2005.
  2. The Commission found that following the unlawful killing of Daba Marenah and his colleagues, Yahya Jammeh caused a false press release to be released which attempted to mislead the Gambian people by suggesting that they escaped following a car accident while being transported to Janjanbureh Prison.
  3. The Commission found Yahya Jammeh ordered the junglers to kill Ceesay Bujiling as he believed Ceesay needed to eat a very high-profile person to prove his mettle following his selection as Chief wizard (“Buwa Mansa”) so Jammeh decided to kill Ceesay out of fear that Ceesay may kill him.
  4. Ebou Jobe and Mamut Ceesay were two Gambian Americans who visited The Gambia in 2013 and were arrested by the Junglers on the instructions of Yahya Jammeh as he believed they wanted to overthrow his The Commission found that on the orders of Jammeh they were arrested in Brusubi and taken to Kanilai where they were killed, mutilated, and buried in a single grave in Jammeh’s farm in Kanilai. Their remains have not been found despite excavation in the area identified as their grave.
  5. The Commission found Tumani Jallow and Abdoulie Gaye were apprehended by the Junglers at different places on the orders of Yahya Jammeh and unlawfully killed with their graves suspected to be in Tumani Jallow was believed to be one of the soldiers who attacked the APRC headquarters in Kanifing and burnt the voters cards found there which were allegedly intended to be used by non-Gambians to bolster Yahya Jammeh’s votes in the 2016 election. Abdoulie Gaye was believed to be an informant of Pa Nderry Mbai of the Freedom Newspaper.
  1. The Commission found that on 28 October 2011, Baba Jobe was strangled to death by the Junglers whilst sleeping on his hospital bed at the EFSTH. Baba Jobe had completed his prison term and was due for release having been imprisoned for several years following disputes between him and Yahya Jammeh which led to his prosecution for economic crimes and The Commission found that Jammeh did not want Baba Jobe to leave prison, so he ordered for his unlawful killing.
  2. The Commission found former President Yahya Jammeh ordered the Junglers to kill Former CDS Ndure Cham after a former close aide of his led the Junglers to his hideout in Farafenni. He was apprehended having been on the run following coup accusations against
  3. The Commission found Yahya Jammeh ordered for the killing of Ello Jallow who was believed to have been having an affair with the former First Lady Zeinab Ello Jallow was lured by Bora Colley a Jungler to meet him and upon his arrival was apprehended by the Junglers and killed after which he was placed in his vehicle and pushed over the bridge at Old Cape Road around Bakau to make it appear he had an accident.
  4. The Commission found that on the instructions of Yahya Jammeh, Mustapha Colley, a former soldier was killed by the Junglers and placed in his taxi to make it appear he died a natural death in his It was revealed Yahya Jammeh specifically instructed the Junglers to make the death appear like that of Ello Jallow. After being killed, his car was driven from Kololi to Sukuta Jabang road, and he was placed in the driver’s seat.
  5. The Commission found Jammeh ordered the killing of Sulayman Ndow and Mahawa Cham having learnt that they were planning to overthrow his He used former Gambian mercenaries in Liberia (Swandi Camara and Lau Jarjue) who worked for him as government agents to lure Sulayman Ndow and Mahawa Cham into Casamance and with the assistance of a Senegalese military intelligence officer the two were arrested by the Junglers, returned to The Gambia where they were unlawfully killed, and buried in Jammeh’s farm in Kanilai.
  1. The Commission found that Mariama Camara and Alpha Jallow were killed at Hamza Barracks. There were speculations surrounding their death with some suggesting they committed suicide. Whilst others said they were killed by the Junglers on the orders of Yahya Jammeh to hide an illicit relationship he had with Mariama who had gotten pregnant. The Commission however could not reach a conclusion on how the two died.
  2. The Commission found that over sixty-seven (67) West African migrants arrived on Gambian shores on July 22, 2005, to meet their Gambian agent Lamin Tunkara who was to facilitate their travel to Spain. Upon their arrival in The Gambia, they were apprehended by Gambian security officers in Barra and sent to Banjul where they were received at the Marine Unit by senior security officers some of whom referred to the group as mercenaries and Kawsu Camara (Bombardier) assaulted a The group was later detained at different locations: Kairaba Station, Bundung Station, Baba Jobe’s house and the PIU. The Commission found that on the orders of Yahya Jammeh, they were unlawfully killed in groups at different locations within The Gambia and areas around the Gambian border with the Casamance region of Senegal. Yahya Jammeh then ordered a major campaign to destroy and fabricate evidence contained in the police diaries and misled the UN/ECOWAS Investigation Team sent to The Gambia to investigate the issue.
  3. The Commission found that Yahya Jammeh ordered nine (9) death row inmates convicted of capital crimes to be executed. There were allegations that they were executed as some form of human sacrifice by Though sentenced to death by a court, Yahya Jammeh and then Minister of Justice Lamin Jobarteh (Babadinding) did not follow due process to ensure that the executions were carried out in accordance with the law.
  4. The Commission found that individuals arrested in connection with the 2006 Ndure   Cham coup, the 2009 alleged Lang Tombong Tamba coup, the alleged Lalo Jaiteh  coup and the Freedom Online Newspaper saga were all subjected to acts of torture by the Junglers at the NIA These acts of torture were intended to punish the suspected coupists and to improperly obtain incriminatory evidence to secure their conviction either in civilian courts or military courts.

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