Monday, June 17, 2024

Education Ministry Explains Teachers Strike, Discloses Payment of Covid-19 Allowances

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By Maimouna Bah

Gambia’s Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education has in a press conference held on Thursday 17 February 2022 explained the reason for the recent strike action by teachers, giving update on recent developments.

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The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Loui Moses Mendy noted that the rational for the press conference was to make clarification about the sit down strike by teachers and the payment of Covid-19 allowances.

“When Covid-19 hit the globe, the World Health Organization and other stakeholders hint a call for people to observe social distance.  In yielding to that call, a new model was invoked by reducing the number of students across the country. A double shift was introduced so that some students wouldn’t be affected academically. With this system, the agreement was that any teacher within this period who volunteers to adhere with the catch up program on Saturday lessons will be paid an allowance.”

He disclosed that the delay in payment some verification conducted to track those eligible to receive the Covid-19 allowance, noting that they couldn’t meet the timeline.

Mr. Mendy further disclosed that payment of the said allowance has begun last week, calling on all teachers who think they are left out to follow the verification protocols.

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“They where not selectivity in payment as it is being done accordingly. Last week, they were able to pay them so classes have begun.

“We appreciate the efforts of the teachers, we are appealing to all the teachers who think they have been left out to follow the protocols. The teachers are not our enemies. We have been rewarding some teachers who took the extra mile to help their students. We thank the Gambia Teachers Union for cooperating with us.”


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