Monday, July 22, 2024


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The best among you are not those who do not miss their five daily prayers or frequent churches every week BUT watch innocent, defenseless people get oppressed and murdered and endorse it even tacitly. Jammeh’s misappropriation of our state resources, overstay, rudeness are bearable but appointing himself as God’s deputy on earth taking lives at will has to stop. The Gambia has been an oppressed nation for the longest, but blatant killing and murder by the oppressor earns no condemnation from a supposedly religious people.


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You do not have to be invested in our politics to see the sad, urgent developments that have our country impregnated with explosive potential chaos. We can scream about how religious and tight-knitted we are as a people but we’re not God’s favorite country or people, and are not any better than the countries that went this path to destruction before us. We earned the right to meet force with force.



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“I don’t see the point. People die in custody or during interrogations, it’s really common. This time, there is only one dead and they want investigations?, I will not. No one can tell me what to do in my country.”

Yaya did not only confirm Solo Sandeng’s death but reiterated his lack of care and concern for Gambian lives especially that ‘this time there is only one dead’. Well, when someone dies in state custody thorough and expeditious investigations are launched to establish cause of death to rule out or ascertain any foul play. This hasn’t been the case. No admission of death nor the dead body given to the family for befitting burial. This lack of empathy or remorse is evidence of the level of respect Yaya has for you, me, our families. But we are the enemies of the country we’re all born in and have everything we love in? We are the violent ones?


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It’s no secret that Yaya has no iota of regards for any regional or international bodies because he is confident that they’re not going to do anything serious that would affect his presidency. No sanctions or travel band of any kind worries this idiot who is richer and wealthier than his country. This is our fight and it is apparent that before you have any serious international intervention of any sort, things have to get worse or at equal severity with countries like Myanmar, Syria, etc.



Gambia unfortunately but deservedly will have to stand for herself against the barbarity if the state and leadership are the perpetrators of this sadness. We would not love to take lives but we have to kill in defense of self, family and nation. We’re getting there. This isn’t acceptable and we can’t say it can’t be helped. Instructing to have an already beaten woman to be raped is sadistic, and whoever has the guts to even think that should be murdered.



The arrest of Solo Sandeng, his brutal torture and subsequent murder; the arrest, torture and sexual assault of the women arrested with him whom from their sworn affidavits left no room for speculation that rape is a standard weapon of torture by our state agents sanctioned by the president; and the arrest of our elderly, frail parents and senior citizens in Ousainou Darboe, Femi Peters, Kemeseng Jammeh, Lamin Dibba among others, and the use of unnecessary excessive force to the point of beating and to bloody them in the process by fatherless security officers born to unfaithful mothers of street prostitutes – are enough for Gambians to fend for themselves. We have to meet force with force, which I’m aware cannot be if we go one-to-one with the state that has all the weapons and machinery at their disposal. However, we can take on the state and still prevail.


Every Gambian has a family or friend in our security outfits. Darboe, Femi, Solo, Nogoi, Fatoumatta Jawara, Daba Marena, Deyda Hydara, Chief Manneh, and all who got killed, torture and detained in the 22 years of Jammeh’s brutal regime, have someone in the Army, NIA, Paramilitary and Police. How do you live your lives knowing that your mothers, wives, sisters and daughters were undressed, beaten and asked to be gang raped by your coworkers for Yaya Jammeh? How? So I struggle to understand why are these people watching criminals torture and kill their relatives and do or say nothing about it. It’s no secret that those who murdered Gambians and put hands on Darboe, his people and those before them are in your midst. You know who did what and where. You are not able to defend your parents, stop these heartless criminal nor are you able quit your job in protest to name and shame them. You go home, cry alone and go right back to work with them the next day. Your lives are a waste and you will die unhappy and guilty.



Revenge and Avenge! Hurt and Kill Jammeh’s agents of terror and oppression in retaliation for what’s been unlawful killings of your people. Attack in revenge, those who give such orders and their families. Make them live in similar perpetual fear that has you dread nightfall. If you cannot in a face-to-face combat, use any weapon to kill Yaya, his children and mother, and anybody who stands in your way in defending and protecting your family. You know where Asombie Bojang lives. You know where Muhammed goes to school. Attack and kill them. You do not have to do that for country, but yourself and family. If Yaya thinks he has monopoly over killing, he’s right because you let him. On suspicion of target or harassment by Jammeh loyalists you either join in wrecking havoc on your own people to prove loyalty OR threw away your uniforms and run for your lives leaving your families at his mercy. Cowards! That’s what you are. For 22 years there’s never been any attempt on the lives of any of his family or property in a country where he chooses who lives and dies, while you put your lives on the line for him and family before he turns around and murder you. What do you think your parents and family think of you?

Pata PJ

PJ Saidykhan

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