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Galloping pace of waste putting heavy strains on Gambia

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Yahya Jammeh never falls short to make Gambia suffer a tsunami of bad publicity. In a broader sense, Jallow Kanilai’s does not need help for bad publicity because —his conduct in numerous controversies always attract increasingly fierce criticism. In another worrisome sign, his cavalier attitudes and mere words are mostly full of thorns Orientals whenever he has a microphone in front of him. Asombi’s baby—a curse of Gambia arrived in The State house having never gotten the lecture on the facts of life. It’s business as usual in highest office in Gambia occupied by Yaya Jammeh where frittering away of the nation’s resources and his love of African Trade Mark are good sport. His recent recordings reveal an enduring culture of impunity and arrogance as he slams — UN chief Ban Ki-moon and Amnesty International for demanding an investigation into the death of solo sandeng. He is graduate of the “See No Evil” in what I do School of thought.


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In looking back on the past, we must not forget —before taking control of Gambia, Yahya Jammeh vowed it was time of unique destiny and opportunity for our nation and he intends to lead the most honest, most open, and most ethical Government in history— a nation dedicated to building the best possible life for our people — built not on vain hopes and good intentions, but on solid, realistic foundations. Yahya Jammeh turned away from all those promises. Among the highlights of the fruit of the APRC so called July 22nd revolution in Gambia far better than the 400 years of British rule — a favorite tactic of Yahya Jammeh; the looting kartong village sand mines, staggering inequality, our sisters sold as domestic slaves in Arab countries, Central Bank and other public enterprises as tempting pot of money, 22 years of — Waves of power outages, mysterious dead’s, skyrocketing basic food commodity prices, regime kidnapping, arbitrary arrest, deadly backway journey and the list goes on — and — on. This is a far cry from the transparency promised by Yahya Jammeh.



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However, with dozens of multimillion dollar assets throughout the world at his disposal and various of his close bodies are filthy rich now along with his family members — some under investigation for corruption, APRC regime clearly values political power over clean government. This is something worth bearing in mind. The essential issues in Yahya Jammeh’s widening regime’s scandal have always been his judgment and his imperious belief that the government’s rules don’t apply to him and his family. Deservedly so. Under Yahya Jammeh’s stewardship, The Gambia coup-installed government has been not just politicized, but radicalized. On issue after issue, he has tried to redefine everything on his own image —without clear thought of consequence thereafter and sometimes in clear defiance intent. If there’s one thing APRC regime is good at, it’s the coming up of weird and expensive schemes of partying or celebrations at the expense of Gambian tax payers. They preside over a weak economy and a government riven by corruption, waste, fraud and abuse.



The government operation process in this country has never been so unseemly. Cumulatively, corruption thrives in a big way in government offices. Everything about APRC regime involves arm twisting, backroom deals, special privileges for Jammeh family and his buddies —potentially criminal agreements became a normal way of doing business. Most of the regimes business dealings are held in close door secret meetings, buddy—buddy robbing shoulders kind of a thing and family affairs trumps the nations interest. Secrecy that hides Government business activities from the public itself should be anathema in a constitutional republic. For instance, the residence of kartong village were rightfully concerned about illegal sand mining activities of Yahya Jammeh and his family. They end up jailed at prisons by the regime—later released after mounting pressure on the regime. But APRC immune officials or close bodies of the president use the system for their own business interest and easily to abuse anyone they dislike. They often pursue secret grudges of witch hunting with exorbitant taxation to the little guys with small business, stalls, meals on wheels’ peddlers and poor women selling at markets or road side—while holding hostage both business and a person’s livelihood.

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And, to be technical about it, if the man at the top wanted it to be different, the stonewalling of Gambian people development would have ended years ago. Our sisters are lied to —about work and sold as domestic slaves in other countries. Furthermore, each time a Gambian brethren fell in hands of law in foreign land, they are happy to dispatch immigration personals to expedite their deportation process. That is reprehensible and especially hypocritical coming from the man who promised the most open administration in history and have Gambian interest at heart. That’s why it is more than a little irksome when the president lectures about fearing GOD and society depends on the unvarnished truth whiles he is laying broken glasses on Gambians pathway on everything. He and his administration hasn’t walked its talk. And up to a point the regime is not dedicated to building the best possible life for our people, to overcoming injustice, expanding a level plain field opportunity every Gambian regardless of political or tribal affiliation.



Additionally, Yahya Jammeh though has successfully institutionalized subsidies for Gambia neighbors and created dependence on Gambian government handouts rather than self-reliance through their own governments. Having exported part of Gambians wealth to its neighbors as a fake pan African, they are forced into bill-collecting from Gambia’s coffers. This has also produced resentment among the native Gambian population — wholly predictable. The growing Cassamance and other foreign numbers in Gambia include some with ties, however nebulous, to rebel activities is very worrisome. Gambians are weary of the spiraling political and tribal chaos. Many are biding their time doing what they can in this difficult fight, hoping to fast-forward to the next government amid hopes that Gambia can eventually restore its democracy and repair its international image.


By Habib (A Concerned Gambian)

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