Monday, July 22, 2024


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For the country’s deputy ambassador at the United Nations to want to ‘FIRE AT THE PROTESTERS IF I WERE IN CHARGE’ shows how hateful Sam Sarr is, and the type of a lowlife Jammeh recruits to work for him. The people he so wanted to slaughter are our parents, brothers and sisters. But I’m sad that Sam is type that lowers the remaining tattered reputation of a body like the UN. They have to up their standards cos Sam wouldn’t have gotten access pass to that building even as a visitor had they vetted him. He deserves no respect, and will be addressed as such today.


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In the very short years that I’ve lived, I’ve heard and read about many maniacs and satanic humans but very few sit lower in the peat of filth than Yaya Jammeh. That was what I thought until I came across the cronies who do not only endorse him but help market his merchandise of hate and evil. Of those people Sam Sarr is the decayed faeces of them all.



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I mean from the onset, one could watch and see through the manipulative and shameless frame of this coward who has zero conscience and character devoid of any respect and better upbringing. This man should commit suicide at a family dinner to wash, cleanse himself of the filth and shame he muddied his family with.



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Spare me the cliché that we sell of a person hailing from a great respectable family in the country when they fucked up. Sometimes, the apple does fall far from the tree. When I read Sam’s tales of what he’d endured in the hands of Jammeh and the military junta, and how Jammeh never had the interest of the Gambia at heart, with his unloved and unpleasant upbringing made him a heartless murderer when he was EBOU COLLEY, I sensed a lot of hurt and bitterness in his cries though I was sure that most of what he’d said about Jammeh were true. I was still cautious. Then came the reconciliation bullshit when he came on the radio to recant all what was said in his book and more, turned his rusty dagger on the folks trying to rid our country of the animal and wasted sperm holding us hostage. Sarr was not hiding the plot to run back to the master like a dog despite all the horrible torment he’d gone through. Even after Yaya referred to him on TV as a liar and failure. But what do you expect of a man who has no integrity or shame, who’d been a scam and mental fucktard, breastfed by the demon’s concubine?




Sam was in Mile II when the AFPRC arrested him, faked mental illness, shitting on himself in the cell and rubbing his own waste on his body just so when Edward Singhateh and co. came for their nightly tour of the prisons to torture them he’d be spared. He’s a coward, a fraud and disturbed amphibian who can never live a decent life on his own. He thrives on grounds of hate and deception. So for him to want to kill for Yaya Jammeh isn’t a surprise, except that this idiot who shot himself to avoid been deployed for peacekeeping, one who survived abortion and should have been strangulated by his mother at birth or drown in his birth water.




How could you blame the guy who taped the conversation when you did not deny saying what was recorded? How could you have wished people be killed for protesting the murderous president and his ways but want to turn around to lecture us about what you’d learned or not? You must have realized that your old and useless ass is about to catch the wrath of the world, and having your unprincipled, disloyal master dump you to have you back into an unproductive life until you die a pauper! What else must Sam had said to others if he could be comfortable enough to speak in such a manner to someone walking into his office to register displeasure with the regime and its heavy-handedness? Gambians are not stupid. If you have no respect for the parents who gave birth to you filth, we do respect ours and cannot watch you or Jammeh have them humiliated and disrespected for wanting the best for our country. These are our fathers, mothers, wives, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters. They’re Gambians! Our people that are paying you to fucking serve and not fucking murder!




To want to call these protesters ‘sponsored thugs’ is to want to appease the maniac that you share the same cloth with. And to distract from your hateful thought and wish of mass murder. You and your ilk disgust me. I hate your type. Not for your political association but the disingenuous, selfishness and unconscionable extent to which you’d defend Jammeh in the face of the killings and oppression. And these victims and their families are your friends, neighbors and sometimes your relatives. What has become of us? I hope, pray that Yaya invites Sam to Banjul to have him subjected to the same painful fate as those extrajudicially missing like Daba Marena, Ebou Lowe, Almamo Manneh, Tabara Samb, Chief Manneh and Mr Sandeng. This man is not worth much. SO KILL YOURSELF, SAM!

Pata PJ

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