Saturday, December 9, 2023

12-Year-Old Girl Dies In Fire Outbreak In KunKujang Keitaya

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By:Dawda Baldeh

A massive fire Outbreak in Kunkunjang Keitaya Friday evening, 15th April 2022, has claimed the life of twelve year old Oumie Trawally, eyewitnesses confirmed to The Fatu Network.

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The cause of the fire that burned down an entire house is yet to be established, but residents described it as shocking.

An eyewitness told TFN that the late Oumie Trawally was inside the house when the inferno started, but she couldn’t escape as she was overpowered by the smoke.

According to a source, no family member was present at the compound at the time of the incident, relatives and neighbors helped put out the fire before the arrival of the fire fighters. Shortly after the fire fighters arrived, Oumie Trawally’s body was transported to kanifing hospital.

Relative were seen crying as they watched the fire consume the entire house and properties.

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Properties destroyed include clothes, a flat screen tv, refrigerators, food items, and among other valuables with an unspecified amount of cash.

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