A couple of months ago, President Yahya Jammeh’s sexual escapes and rape of under-age Gambians girls was the subject of intense coverage by the Fatu Network, with revelations that created a firestorm of criticism and anger towards the Gambian iron fist dictator.  Jammeh, concluded everyone, is a pervert who needs to be stopped – the crimes were too pervasive and horrible to ignore.

Well; it seems his wife, Zineb Jammeh was listening and paying close attention.  According to our State House insiders, she moved to make sure some of the pimps masquerading as Protocol Officers in presidential mansion were all either fired or moved, issued stern warnings to the guards, and made her presence more felt in the building.  These moves led many to believe that she was taking charge of affairs to finally set the house in order.  However, it seems she doesn’t think these actions were alone enough, and would not have a lasting effect – she may be moving to take more drastic decisions.

Jammeh is a very lonely man these days, thanks to Zineb – she is avoiding him and they are not on talking terms anymore.  When Fatu Network queried how come they are scene in public together, the insiders who wish to remain anonymous for fear of facing the dictator’s wrath, caution us to not be fooled by the public façade – the attitude at home is a whole different story.  “The whole public thing is fake, she is always in her room at home and wouldn’t allow Jammeh to come anywhere near her.  Poor Jammeh is always in the other room mostly watching TV till 4AM” said one of the insiders.  “As for the soldiers and the guards in the compound, they have sensed that the situation in the household is very tense and because of it, Jammeh is very pissed and unhappy, so this is not a time to come anywhere near him” continued another insider.

According our sources, Yahya Jammeh is very lonely because of this escalating situation.  He is mostly depressed and with his health condition deteriorating, he is on a downward spiral.  Despite the public persona, he is very worried and concerned for his future.  He now thinks the whole world is scheming to harm him, and these conditions are fueling his paranoia.

It must be emphasized that if any thinks that his current misfortunes has forced him to change his ways, you would be mistaken – Jammeh, according to a source, has only switched venues for his rape of Gambian girls.  Two young girls were seen going into his room at different times in Kanilai last Saturday night.  State House is off limit, so he has decided to smuggle the girls to Kanilai instead now since Zineb refuses to go to his home village, and therefore will not be quick to find out what happens there.

Everyone is now contemplating Zineb’s next move.  The bubble could bust any day according to observers.

Meanwhile, Zineb on January 21, 2016, hosted Senegalese Musician Youssou Ndour, Cabinet Minister and other dignitaries to a breakfast meeting at The Coco Ocean, to launch the five year strategic plan of her Foundation, Operation Save The Children.