Dear Editor,

It’s been a year and four months since 29 Cuban trained medical students completed their course and yet are to be recognized and registered by The Gambia Medical and Dental Council.

Between then, the whole country is silent about the faith of these aspiring, vibrant, first class citizens of this country. After being sponsored by our tax payers money. These graduants were selected in four corners of this country with the primary objective of “ Returning to their respective regions for service delivery upon completion of their programs “ – with the goal of promoting primary health care.

As a concern Gambian, I think 29 families are being psychologically traumatised by the unemployment status of our fellow brothers and sisters.

Therefore, as it was posted previously in this media which did not gain momentum, I hope this time around the whole country will stand for our fellow brothers and sisters in order to achieve a meaningful recognition and registration by The Gambia Medical and Dental Council.

I believe Fatu will also stand for them in terms of trying to get the facts.
Thank you.